Check Out These Pro Tips to Improve Your Agario Skills

There are some simple techniques that the top players use in Agario that may well help you improve, there are also Agario hacks being used too. We will cover a bit about both subjects inside this post.


Stay Cool

Agario is a hectic online game with a great many players taking part at any one time and it is very easy to get caught up in the action. As you race around trying to increase the mass of your own cell by consuming others always stay alert for a bigger cell that may be stalking you, be prepared to split your cell at a moment’s notice to help you escape by increasing your speed and confusing your opponent. You need to stay in control at all times and do not get carried away by the excitement of the game.

Study the Leaderboard

Knowing what is going on around you and where you are on the leaderboard are two of the most important things that you need to consider, especially when you are planning to trap your enemies in the Agario game. Try to utilize the leaderboard so you know your position. You should also keep in mind the positions of opponents so that you can find the easy targets and avoid the most dangerous ones.

Always look ahead

Once you have played Agario a few times and got to know how the game works it is time to use that knowledge and formulate a plan. Try to avoid making previous mistakes over and over again like getting trapped in corners or splitting too late, or by using  to many Agario cheats online. You need to second guess your opponents moves if you can so that you are reacting much quicker than them, This will enable you to escape from them or catch them quicker if you are bigger than them. There are many articles available online which will tell you about game winning tactics so be sure to read some of these and implement them into your strategy.

Looking For A Short Cut

You might think that it is unfair for a player to use Agario cheats but it is a good way for a new player to compete or for someone who seems to be making no progress to level the playing field. Also since the game has been monetized by the introduction of coins a Agario hack online will give you a chance to compete with those who are able to buy coins, just don’t be too greedy and generate too many coins in one go. You will also find that some of the hacks also offer other features which will help you in the game.

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Best Cheats You Should know and be using on DomiNations

One of the things about playing video games is when the gameplay gets tough, players have to look for ways to make it easier. And it is no secret that most players look for DomiNations hack methods. DomiNations is such a game that requires a good strategy to get through it, and having some of the best tips will at least help players get improve their game.

Explore the game

If it is your first time playing DomiNations, rather than focusing on cheats or hacks, you might want to explore first. Be prepared to lose the first few times you play. When you start the game, your units will be surrounded by a vast area of forests. Every section of the forest can be cleared and you will find animals you can hunt, gold for the treasury, and even acquire crowns that can be found in ancient ruins. When you advance into the iron age and beyond, you will be able to unlock new buildings to help you build your town. It is a good idea to take your time building up your town and plan it properly so you get the right layout.

Expand your territory

DomiNations is like most other strategy games. To attain victory, you need to check out the new structures that are available for you to build. Keep building new houses when they become available, as this will increase the citizen account by two. This will also let you do some more things at the same time. When you get to manage more citizens and you keep them busy, it will help to expand your city. But keep in mind that when every citizen is busy, it will keep you from upgrading walls or hunting animals.

Don’t forget to exploit

Every time you log in to your account, don’t forget to hunt for animals and even mine the mines when they are available. These are the best resources to maintain as it will keep your town’s funding increase. But the most significant of all is how they drop rare items such as metal, leather, and fur that will enhance the Temple and Mercenary Camp. The gathering of blessings from the Temple can be activated to give a 20 percent boost on gathering activities.

Finally, exterminate!

There are more tips online that discuss how to cheat the game using DomiNations hacks, but this one says a lot about the game – you need to complete your mission for playing the game itself. Generals have long known of the advantage when it comes to the combined arms in warfare. This time, it falls on your shoulders to discover how you can mix up the skills of ballistic, archers, sappers, knights and soldiers. Every unit is strong in certain situations yet weak in others. You will need to come up with an effective strategy to make use of all their skills.

The above information is not used by anyone as Domination’s Cheats, or DomiNations hacks, instead we shared some really good tips to help you improve and get to the later stages of the game. There are plenty of resources online to discover game cheats, navigate to this website for some examples.

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Top free mobile phone games everyone should know about

Aside from texting and calling, you can also use your mobile phone for playing games and passing some time. However, paying for a game you can play on your android phone can put you off, that is why we created a list of the best free mobile phone games for everyone:


One of the best multiplayer games is subterfuge which you can easily play on your smartphone. It is a strategy game where each game that you play will take place over a week, therefore, you need to be very careful about every move you make. You are allowed to control the ocean through the use of your submarines as well as factories to generate more. Since this event is taking place in real time, you have to be wary of your opponents that will grab the chance to attack your base while you are away.

Your main goal is to produce more Neptunium than any other player, improve your diplomacy skills and also, interact with other players around you. It’s a great game if you enjoy thinking about different strategies to succeed.


Clash Royale

If you are playing clash of clans, you must’ve heard about this one. It will surely fill some time, but it’s addictive because you have to defend your tower from your enemies. You can also play one-on-one battles with one of the many different players around. Your main goal is to send troops that will destroy the tower of your opponent before they can attack yours. Make sure that you know how to use the given resources properly to make sure that you will be able to utilize it effectively, especially during the battle.



Dead Effect 2

While it cannot be denied that this is not the original game, the Dead Effect 2 radiates the same experience of being a first player shooter for Android users. You have to walk around the space station that is filled with undead people where you test your skills to see how long you can survive.

The visuals of Dead Effect 2 are quite impressive too, and you are allowed to make any customization to the controls so that you’ll be more comfortable playing around and use it effectively to survive.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

You must’ve played this epic game before, but here comes the new plants vs. zombies with some additional features, plants, zombies and of course, power-up. For those who haven’t played it yet. It is a defense game where you have to invest time and money to protect your house from getting invaded by a zombie. You have to know the right plant to use to slow down and kill zombies on their way to your house. Of course, the zombies aren’t all the same because there are some who are hard to kill which adds so much fun to your game.

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Things You Should Know About Hacking and Cheating In A Game

The use of cheats and online hack generators in bike race games are very popular right now. It is not that people or players use this because they do not know how to win or they always get the least chance of winning the game, but each of the players has their own reasons for using online hacking tools themselves to progress in the game. However, cheating in a relationship is another thing, and that is the big no.

Anyway, why would cheating and online hacking generators have been invented if no one wanted to use them? Also, why are there some games that can be cheated or can be accessed through online hack generators? Why have these cheats been developed? Why has the games maker not made a greater effort to block the cheats & hacks.

It is almost as if they accept this need to keep people interested in the game and the development of the brand.  In Bike Race game players could become frustrated and turn away from the game for good if they cannot get to the next stage or upgrade a bike.

Also, why are there some features in the game that can only be accessed with the use of some cheating and online hacking generators? Does this make cheating and hacking a favorable thing to do? At some point the answer to this is yes because you have to admit it, there are features in some games that can only be accessed with the use of cheating and online hacking generators.

However, these bike race hack tools and bike race cheats will not make you an instant winner of bike race game, but will help you progress further and quicker. This bike race hack will only help you have a better chance of winning the game; this will not remove the skill factor because if it does, this would make the game more boring and to easy.

Hacking and cheating in the game are not so bad after all because when you engage yourself in things like this, they also cause good things to happen on your part and they never make any negative effects on the part of the game and player when they are being used and utilized in the game.

If there are more negative effects and impacts that are caused by cheating and online hack generators, then there would have been a serious step and action to eliminate all the cheating and online hack generators that are available, but these cheats and hacks cause more good than bad that is why at some point, they are still tolerated and used even by the games makers.

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