Should People Who Play Games On Their Mobile Phones Be Called Gamers?

So, let’s talk about this, should people who play games on their mobile phones be called gamers?

What really defines a gamer?
This term is relatively new, and it started appearing more frequently with the rise of PvP games (player vs. player), but who really can call themselves gamers?
If you ask me it’s not about whether the game is competitive or just fun, it’s more about how much you enjoy it and how much time you spend playing it.
Before mobile phones became so powerful, as they are today, the best game you could’ve played was Snake on Nokia, but things change.


Phones today are more advanced than the computers which were used to send people to the moon. Today we can play all kinds of games on our mobile phones without any problems.

Even Hearthstone, one of Blizzards own, can be played on a mobile phone. So why would you call a person who plays Hearthstone on a PC a gamer and not a person who plays it on their phone?

As I’ve stated above, it’s about how much you enjoy the game and how much time you spend playing it is what defines you as a gamer.

Mobile phones are now strong enough to allow us to play games which are time-consuming and engaging like Clash of Clans, Dominations, Pokemon Go, Game of War and so on. Dominations, for example, is now more advanced than most games played on a PC ten years ago. I will briefly describe what this game is about and how many content it has and after that you can answer the question in the title yourself.

This game lets you advance through the ages, from the dawn of time to the Global Age. It plans on releasing even more content in the next couple of years.
Each age is very historically accurate and in order to advance from one age to another you have to spend quite a lot of time building, hunting and gathering or waging war.
You can choose to be one of eight nations, and each nation has different perks.


In order to have a strong nation, you have to advance in economy, military, sustainability. If you want to be among the very best players, you would have to think very hard on which types of troops you want to send into war and how to control them during an attack. There is more than one aspect of waging war, it’s not all about the offense, if you want to be the best, you will have to create a strong defense as well.
Furthermore, this game allows you to create or join a guild in which players help one another or go to war together against another guild.

The time you would need to reach the Global Age from the dawn of time is well over six months of gameplay, so tell me, should people who play games on their phones be called gamers?

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