Check Out These Pro Tips to Improve Your Agario Skills

There are some simple techniques that the top players use in Agario that may well help you improve, there are also Agario hacks being used too. We will cover a bit about both subjects inside this post.


Stay Cool

Agario is a hectic online game with a great many players taking part at any one time and it is very easy to get caught up in the action. As you race around trying to increase the mass of your own cell by consuming others always stay alert for a bigger cell that may be stalking you, be prepared to split your cell at a moment’s notice to help you escape by increasing your speed and confusing your opponent. You need to stay in control at all times and do not get carried away by the excitement of the game.

Study the Leaderboard

Knowing what is going on around you and where you are on the leaderboard are two of the most important things that you need to consider, especially when you are planning to trap your enemies in the Agario game. Try to utilize the leaderboard so you know your position. You should also keep in mind the positions of opponents so that you can find the easy targets and avoid the most dangerous ones.

Always look ahead

Once you have played Agario a few times and got to know how the game works it is time to use that knowledge and formulate a plan. Try to avoid making previous mistakes over and over again like getting trapped in corners or splitting too late, or by using  to many Agario cheats online. You need to second guess your opponents moves if you can so that you are reacting much quicker than them, This will enable you to escape from them or catch them quicker if you are bigger than them. There are many articles available online which will tell you about game winning tactics so be sure to read some of these and implement them into your strategy.

Looking For A Short Cut

You might think that it is unfair for a player to use Agario cheats but it is a good way for a new player to compete or for someone who seems to be making no progress to level the playing field. Also since the game has been monetized by the introduction of coins a Agario hack online will give you a chance to compete with those who are able to buy coins, just don’t be too greedy and generate too many coins in one go. You will also find that some of the hacks also offer other features which will help you in the game.

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