Best shooters this year so far

One of the perks video games offer us is the rush and the adrenaline we get when we play. Exciting levels, challenging enemies, thrilling sequences are all the things we love and crave.

This fact is best seen playing the first person shooters which arguably bring the best the games have to offer when it comes to experience and excitement.
The Division

Coming up on all platforms at the same time, The Division is definitively one of the most anticipated titles this year! Amazing graphics shown in the early access videos promises a top-notch experience, and the gameplay was a thing we never doubted when this series is in question.

The new sequel to the Tom Clancy saga brings us into a new environment, something we might not have seen in this franchise. Also, there seem to be some improvements to the game mechanics as well, making it even more enjoyable. All will be seen as soon as The Division hits the shelves this year!



Picking up on the popularity of the Blizzard name brand, Overwatch was a hit since the first time it was announced. A lot of fans picked up the wind and made it global and the first reviews made it flat out explode. As a team shooter, Overwatch represents an epic effort to dominate this genre, and it seems the plan is working perfectly.

Colorful players and environment, a lot of different classes and a tactical approach to the game makes this shooter stand out and become an instant hit in the online gaming community.


Since the first Doom hit us over two decades ago and showed us what the first person shooter could be, the world has never been the same. The newest Doom title seems to be understanding and using this potential to create an epic shooter experience true to the original and give us the game we all wanted all along.
After the weak game that mostly made the average mark, the new Doom pics up the pace with the fast-running shooter guaranteed to give you chills and lots of fun.



Another awesome warfare simulation that seems to get us some new options we haven’t had a chance to see before. This multiplayer shows fantastic options for a shooter that seems almost too real.

You can have an impact on the object around you; there are vehicles included, making it that much more fun and the coop mode is out of this world.

The game features different tactical situations with an accent on the tactical and cooperative elements while you complete various missions and assignments. There are also several different modes so you can play as an assault trooper, sniper, defender and many other roles.

The selling point of this game is surely the creative element where you can build, destroy and interact with everything around you to help your mission. The tests seem very interesting so you should definitively check it out.

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