Top free mobile phone games everyone should know about

Aside from texting and calling, you can also use your mobile phone for playing games and passing some time. However, paying for a game you can play on your android phone can put you off, that is why we created a list of the best free mobile phone games for everyone:


One of the best multiplayer games is subterfuge which you can easily play on your smartphone. It is a strategy game where each game that you play will take place over a week, therefore, you need to be very careful about every move you make. You are allowed to control the ocean through the use of your submarines as well as factories to generate more. Since this event is taking place in real time, you have to be wary of your opponents that will grab the chance to attack your base while you are away.

Your main goal is to produce more Neptunium than any other player, improve your diplomacy skills and also, interact with other players around you. It’s a great game if you enjoy thinking about different strategies to succeed.


Clash Royale

If you are playing clash of clans, you must’ve heard about this one. It will surely fill some time, but it’s addictive because you have to defend your tower from your enemies. You can also play one-on-one battles with one of the many different players around. Your main goal is to send troops that will destroy the tower of your opponent before they can attack yours. Make sure that you know how to use the given resources properly to make sure that you will be able to utilize it effectively, especially during the battle.



Dead Effect 2

While it cannot be denied that this is not the original game, the Dead Effect 2 radiates the same experience of being a first player shooter for Android users. You have to walk around the space station that is filled with undead people where you test your skills to see how long you can survive.

The visuals of Dead Effect 2 are quite impressive too, and you are allowed to make any customization to the controls so that you’ll be more comfortable playing around and use it effectively to survive.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

You must’ve played this epic game before, but here comes the new plants vs. zombies with some additional features, plants, zombies and of course, power-up. For those who haven’t played it yet. It is a defense game where you have to invest time and money to protect your house from getting invaded by a zombie. You have to know the right plant to use to slow down and kill zombies on their way to your house. Of course, the zombies aren’t all the same because there are some who are hard to kill which adds so much fun to your game.

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