Useful Tips about No Man’s Sky

You’ve heard about this new big game that everyone is talking about where you can explore planets, gather minerals and collect information about undiscovered species.

Well, the game is as amazing as it sounds and players are still being fascinated with how much the game has to offer. If you are already playing this game, then you know all these things but have you figured out everything there is to figure out in No Man’s Sky?

Mining and Crafting.

If you thought that No Man’s Sky would be all about exploring the universe, enjoying in the calming sight of a peaceful planet from its stratosphere or collecting data about new species you were mistaken. There is a lot of mining as well. Every planet has minerals and natural goods, and your job is to collect them if you want to upgrade you equipment and gear.

You will need resources to upgrade your ship, exosuit, your gun that acts as a multi-tool device, or to create various products. As you progress your ship will be faster, and you’ll generally become better equipped. This will improve your gameplay as you will fly faster and discover planets and species with ease.

Take care of your Exosuit.

Spending time on planets can make you lose track of time. Knowing this you need to make sure that you are constantly upgrading two things on you exosuit. Life Support and Hazard protection. To spend points on either of these upgrades you will need resources. Life support gives you more time to explore planets as you need oxygen to survive and most planets aren’t oxygen based.

Another thing to keep in mind is hazard protection that lets you explore more volatile planets. It depletes every time you put your foot on planets with a hostile environment. So be prepared and pay attention to your exosuit parameters and functionality to spend more time on planets.

Field upgrades and Shelters.

While wandering on a planet and exploring its surface, you may have noticed a red vertical beam that reaches for the sky. This is a place of interest and there might well be shelter there. In shelters, you will recover your hazard protection and find upgrades for your suit. So make sure that you check these lasers.

Not every shelter contains an upgrade for your suit, but your depleted hazard protection will be recharged in mere seconds and that much better than going back to the ship. Upgrading your suit by collecting pieces of equipment in these “Drop Pods” will make just about anything easier. Keep your eyes open for these useful points of interest and get a chance to find unique pieces of equipment and become a better explorer.

Since the release of No Man’s Sky players interacted with one another, trading items and gear. You will always have items to trade as every planet is unique and artifacts are scattered through the galaxy.

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